Our Coaches


Keely Miller

Girls Program Director and Head Coach — Flyers coach since 2011

  I was a competitive gymnast both here with the Flyers and at GKs in Fort Collins where I competed as a Level 9. I graduated from the University of Colorado, where I studied psychology, neuroscience and sociology. I love teaching gymnastics because I see it as a tool for empowering young women.


Ryan Vaughn

Boys Program Director and Head Coach   -- Flyers coach since 2005

  I participated in gymnastics from the ages of 4-15 and was a Level 9 on the Flyers team.  After graduating from high school I joined the Marine Corps, stationed at Camp Pendleton, and completed one tour in Afghanistan. I now teach p. I like the sport of gymnastics because it can be both an individual and team sport, and I like being a positive influence on the lives of the boys I coach. 

Additional Coaches

  • Level 3:                                                 Level 4:
  • Lorin Dytell                                        Lindy Stein
  • Averee Smith                                    Teagen Blakey
  • Sarah Dallas                                     Bryn Kennedy
  • Sheila Gallagher                               Hendrik Pot
  • Emily Harris
  • Tim Shove
  • Michael Hascal

  • Level 5:
  • Leanne Williams
  • Andrew Chizzone

  • Level 6+
  • Keely Miller (head Coach)
  • Mary Lawrence
  • Bryn Kennedy
  • Leanne WIlliams
  • Andrew Chizzone

  • Boys Coaches:
  • Bo Judd